New book by Howard West

New book by Howard West
Release May 2011

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Part 3, Stone Art and the Winds of Egypt from the E-book Locked Gates by Howard West

Mankind's Past is controversial with competing intellectual groups proudly holding on to differing traditions, each field of study believing that their traditions best chronicles the human race's Past, these differing traditions are each held as undeniable FACTS. Howard West's E-book, Locked Gates stands in opposition to those tradition by revealing contrary subject materials that have been hidden in ancient books, scrolls, geological, and archaeological records. This evidence shows a far different account of mankind's distant Past and its approaching Future. To showcase this evidence found in the E-book, Locked Gates, West has produced a series of nine videos, the third book trailer Stone Art and the Winds of Egypt, solves the problem with the massive amount of stone, bas-relief and statuary created in Egypt with copper tools, the explanation found on the wall art called the Giants of Denderah, a technology that uses sand and fast moving air.

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  1. Really, the art of this architecture is awesome. The way the stone is engraved is really appreciable. I have seen many of such art forms in exhibitions and in museums. It helps us to get knowledge of how the ancient people were living in their civilization.
    --Deepak Kamani