New book by Howard West

New book by Howard West
Release May 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


To interpret the construction techniques of ancient Egypt, you must understand the basic laws of physical science, which includes the tools’ of Archimedes. However, these techniques were Egyptian “TOP SECRETS” so they were locked in a safe place hidden from their “Enemies” and from the “Common Folk” in Parables or Riddles. Making sure that the ignorant saw only what the Egyptians wanted them to see Fairytales. These Fairytales have baffled the Scholarly World for hundreds of years and was “hard to explain” (a crux). The answer should have been in plain sight. And it was “with a handle” (ansala) The God Aten was one such God.

However, where is the Historical evidence? All over Egypt on its temple walls, its papyrus's, its jewelry and especially Karnakh: Sadly, the process has been misinterpreted for centuries. Let us go take a look at the Winged Sun disk; that is the basic design: a mirror in the center of two wings for precision targeting and a tail to sit on the ground to allow vertical alignment. In its simplest form, elongate the tail; move the wings down and the mirror up and what have you got? The Ankh also known as the cruxansalas, the riddle with a handle, Amenophis IV also known as Akhenaten showed Aten as a solar orb, a sun-globe with rays which end in tiny human hands holding an Ankh, this tool was the genesis for Archimedes’ mirror defense of Syracuse.

To the Ancient Egyptians the Ankh was a symbol and a tool of power. The loop of the cruxansalas is where the mirror went.  A funny thing about mirrors they can seem transparent at times giving the illusion that you can see right through them. Therefore, the Egyptians left out the mirrors in many ceremonial Ankhs to give that effect. However, there are also many pictures of Ankh with golden mirrors in the loop and as you know gold is the best reflector of sunshine. You also know that you can redirect the light and heat from the sun to another location with a mirror. Now if you take a second mirror and redirect its reflection of the sun to the same point you double that heat and light. If you keep doing that with more mirrors you can produce some real heat you can use the power of the sun that is easy to harness with a few magic mirrors. A form of energy that is fresh and clean with no cost of production, a power to the common folk as magical as Alchemy. In fact Barstow, California has a heliostat system that can produce ten megawatts of electric power out of thin air using one thousand nine-hundred mirrors. The system uses Steam electric turbines’ not solar electric cells to produce the power.

Therefore, for clarification, I have taken a short excerpt from my new book Locked Gates by Howard West; and turned that excerpt into a video that shows the historical connections that links the Egyptian god Aten to The Stone Quarries of Egypt.

There is also a complementary Video, The Winds of Egypt Not Copper Tools that also deals with how the Egyptians worked stone.

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