New book by Howard West

New book by Howard West
Release May 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Maybe (?) no one ever told you the story of the Melt Water Pulse 1B, or that it happened, 12,500 years ago, when Polaris was not a pole star, but was a seasonal star of early summer which matches the star references in two books found in the Qumran caves IV and cave XI. Now if the science journal NATURE told you that the MWP1B and its sudden sea-level rise did happen and their date is the same as Noah’s star reference of the Flood, would you stop your subscription to the science journal, NATURE? 
Hamelin, Bard, E., Montaggioni, Arnold, M., Faure, Cabioch, G. ,Rougerie ,F. 1996 .Deglacial sea-levels records from Tahiti corals and the timing of global meltwater discharge NATURE 382, 241-244
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Now if you run those  stars  references of Ursa Major and Minor being below the Northern Horizon Circle late May, early June c. 12,500 years ago with a star charting program like “Starry Nights”,  and look west from the river Nile’s Cairo narrows, what do you see? Those, stars are right where those Qumran references say they should be.

The two books from Qumran references the Sun and Polaris setting in the western sky at the same time as the Melt Water Pulse1B was happening; therefore, how could anyone under the Pen Name of Noah, prior to our modern sea level Melt Water Pulse studies, know that? Unless he was there, and his writings were preserved though an alphanumeric text, the root of which is the foundation for our contemporary Hebrew and Greek alphabets, a system which preserves the continuity of the text, as an example the Qumran scrolls  from 100 years before the Christian era when compared to Modern Hebrew text.
Now here are two new questions. Why were those text kept safe for thousands of years? And why did the book of Job also reference the same star position for the MWP1B, as Noah did?
No answers?  I therefore, for clarification, I have taken a short excerpt from my new book Locked Gates by Howard West; and turned that excerpt into a video that shows the historical connections that links the Super Storm of 10,500 BC and to the Melt Water Pulse 1B, The Super Storm Melt Water Pulse 1B
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