New book by Howard West

New book by Howard West
Release May 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The stone quarries of Egypt have long held a Mystery; how could an early Bronze Age society cut and finish millions of large stone blocks to build their megaliths? The Caliph Al Mamaun back in the year 840 of the Christian era gave us the point to start to unravel this riddle, when the Caliph broke into the Great Pyramids by placing wood and brush against the stones of the Great Pyramid then setting the wood on fire. The fires heated the stone and at the right time the Caliph’s minions threw water and vinegar against the hot stone shattering the stone into pieces that were easy to dislodge. The Caliph was the first man in centuries to enter the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. This system of breaking rock in a haphazard way with fire and water is fine for a slow mining operation. However, wood has never been that abundant in Egypt and when you have millions of precision stones to cut the process would be impossible to do in the allotted time of twenty years.

Therefore, the Egyptians used the heat generated by the Aten Orb to do their Magic of quarrying their stone. However, we must first go back to Syracuse, Sicily to the year 209 BC to understand the process and look at one of the many innovations of our old friend Archimedes. King Hiero had Problems; ships of the Roman Navy, which were full of troops, were on their way to besiege his kingdom. So king Heiro called for his most trusted scientist, Archimedes. When asked for his advice, Archimedes probably said,

“Don’t worry our harbor faces south, and when I was in Alexandra Egypt I learned of Aten and his Magic Mirrors. Those mercury clad mirrors were used to create the heat of the sun (a heliostat). We can just make a bunch them and burn the Roman Navy’s eye balls out.”

However, if the Egyptians use mirrors and the sun to quarry those stones: you may ask “Where is the Historical evidence?” All over Egypt on its temple walls, its papyrus's, its jewelry and especially Karnakh: Sadly, the process has been misinterpreted for centuries. The key to this mystery is the Ankh also known as the cruxansalas, “the riddle with a handle”. Amenophis IV also known as Akhenaten showed Aten Orb as a sun-globe with rays which end in tiny human hands holding an Ankh, this tool was the genesis for Archimedes’ mirror defense of Syracuse. Therefore, for clarification, I have taken a short excerpt from my new book Locked Gates by Howard West; and turned that excerpt into a video that shows the historical connections that links the Egyptian god Aten to The Stone Quarries of Egypt.

There is also a complementary Video, The Winds of Egypt Not Copper Tools that also deals with how the Egyptians worked stone.

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